WEEK 9: Street Photography

Street Photography 6mins 58secs

The short, directed by Fraser Cottrell features a street photographer, Matthew Taylor from Manchester street photography. It speaks about his love for the art form and how he uses it to feature everyday moments and how it has impacted him. 

The film begins in an alleyway,  and goes on the feature a zoomed in image of a camera. I found this to be rather effective, especially for the opening scene because it allows the viewer to get a foreknowledge of the content. It also gives way to the emphasis the director as well as photographer wants to place on the specific type of photography. Street photography as mentioned by the Matthew, doesn’t need models or specific locations but it features the everyday activity, person or place that is easily missed. This was effectively captured by the first few seconds of the opening scene. 

Coming from the opening scene, the director takes us to the main portion of the film. He interchanges between the interview with the artist and actual footage of potential shots as well as photos that were captured by the photographer. By using this method, the director was able to keep the viewer’s interest by not just providing a theoretical explanation but a practical and visual link. They were able to bridge the artist words with his work therefore creating that connection between viewer and photographer. They are no longer just a bystander but a partaker in the art form. 

The setting played a major role in pushing the theme and agenda of both director and photographer. It helped to create visual imagery of a theorized topic.  The setting and dress mirrors the feeling the artist tries to create with his photos. It’s one that is more relaxed very unassuming. It’s doesn’t need the extravagance of an organized photo shoot. As mentioned by Matthew, his photos speaks  the social and emotional aspects of the average man, place etc. Therefore the place chosen as well as the attire creates that warm, approachable relaxed theme created throughout the documentary.

All In all, music, lighting, set and cinematography all worked well together in order to create a short but captivating documentary to highlight this genre of photography and how it has impacted so many lives. The information put forth was well articulated and thought out in a way that the viewer would understand. If one was to be uninformed before watching this document, after viewing, they would have learned not only about street photography and what it entails but also about the impact it has on many lives not just for the photographer but for those fortunate to be a part the wonderful experience.


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