WEEK 7: Why We Create

Why We Create 3mins 55secs


This episode of Why We Create, documentary series directed by Andy Newman, focuses on the life of Nick Fancher, freelance photographer, and the reasons for his pursuit of the art form. In this documentary, Fancher goes into detail about the type of photography he does and the struggles he faces in the medium. He is not the conventional commercial photographer, rather, he spends a lot of his time blogging his creative ventures, both paid and unpaid. He also admits that while the jobs he gets from his creative ventures may not pay as well as commercial work, he is better satisfied with the creative freedom he has. He also mentioned, which I found was a great lesson to learn, that he always remembers why he started doing photography, and it was never for attention or too please anyone, he just enjoyed sharing the beauty of the world that he saw with others, and I found that rather inspirational and should be a lesson any artist would want to learn.  Fancher also mentions about his mentors, the people who inspire him, and how he came to find his purpose. Newman, aside from being the director, also edited and did cinematography for this documentary. What I appreciated about the cinematography was how up close, personal, and intimate his approach was. Because of the way the camera captured Fancher, I felt as if I knew him personally and as if I were having a conversation with him and no one else around as he exposes himself and his reason to life, his art. His was executed by using a lot of close ups on the eyes and of his face in general regardless of the setting he was in, whether it be with a client, or just him at home. Newman was really successful at just capturing Nick in his element. What I also appreciated about this film was the way in which it was narrated. Narration completely drove the film, whereby Nick spoke on behalf of himself. Nick sounded as if he was just having a casual conversation as opposed to reading off a script. Because of this, it aided with the personal, laid back approach that Newman had to his filmmaking.  The narration also sustained throughout the film without boring me, and I believe the short time span allowed for that to happen. One final aspect of this documentary I would like to speak on is the use of music. Newman must be applauded for how well planned and thought out his choices were overall. In terms of music I felt as if the music used exactly reflected Nick’s personality, it was chill and laid back, not too distracting yet engaging at the same time. I however felt as if the documentary lacked something coming down to the end as it ended very abruptly. But all in all, I enjoyed it and do look forward to seeing more videos from this series.



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