WEEK 11: Folded

The documentary film, ‘Folded – Short Documentary about First Love’, directed, filmed and edited by Kendy Ty, features Mélanie Zadeh, a French woman who set out to look for for a past love. Melanie decided to embark on this journey since she never expressed her love and appreciation for the boy who sparked her interest at a young age. The film addresses the fact that many people fail to admit to love or fail to tell someone about their appreciation before it’s too late. Unfortunately, it was discovered during Melanie’s pursuit of her journey to express her love that the boy had passed away from a motorbike accident. This was the shock factor brought into the film that played a massive role in allowing the key idea to permeate into the minds of viewers. The boy had previously given Zadeh a series of origami gifts to express his fondness of her and his appreciation for her being in his life during middle school. It was revealed that he moved away shortly after and therefore contact with him was ultimately lost. Melanie states that she never told him how much she loved him and she has therefore decided to look for him. She travels to Paris where she found out that he was located and upon visiting him realized that the visit was actually to his place of rest. The documentary is emotionally stirring and truly grips on to the hearts of viewers. It makes you want to tell people that they are loved and this fact alone makes the film extremely successful. The music used instilled a sense of awe and reflection to the film. It is shot in a chronological order from when Melanie plans to find the boy, then to her travelling to go visit him. This makes the brunt of the fact of his death even harder to grasp. Although it is easy to decipher that she possibly already knew he was dead upon trying to contact him, the overwhelming emotions she experienced were still felt deeply. Hence, the film was impactful as it taught a valuable lesson ; never hesitate to express your love because before you know it, it could be too late.



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