Arete-Are You Achieving Your Full Potential?

Arete-Are You Achieving Your Full Potential? 8mins 19secs

What would you do if you had no limits on life? Arete explores the goals, dreams and aspirations of the everyday man/woman on the streets of Trinidad, focusing on what dreams and goals people had growing up, if they’re currently fulfilling it, and what they would do if they had no limits on life. Raymond, a featured subject, tells his tale of achieving his dreams, which he later lost as his life progressed.

Camera: Shari Petti & Latisha Leslie
Directing: Shari Petti & Latisha Leslie
Sound: Brigitte Look-Hong & Sinead Hamel-Smith
Editing: Meiling Mack & Amanda Mendes
Producers: Amanda Mendes, Shari Petti, Meiling Mack, Latisha Leslie, Sinead Hamel-Smith, Bridgitte Look-Hong


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