Rel Shit

Rel Shit 1min 6secs

About a year ago, I was really frustrated with the issues constantly popping up on my news feed, on tv, and radio about the ridiculous things happening in Trinidad. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my country, but it annoys me that my land of so much promise, potential, talent, wealth is being run to the ground. I’ve seen and experienced many things due to where I live, and I just wanted to show the day in the life of some of the people I pass by everyday, defeated by the system. Some mean well, some want to do better, but when a system is set up in such a way that those with money “bong tuh” get whatever they want and the small fried have to suck salt, it’s not shocking when certain social ills become rampant. I’m in no way making an excuse for certain behavior, but this is just a reality for many people in this country right now.


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